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Our teachers


Laura Leopizzi Romano

  • Studied at the 'Ecole de Couture de Lausanne' and obtained her CFC in dressmaking.
  • From 1995 to 1998 she continued her studies at the Lugano Technicum, where she received the diploma of 'Technicienne de Style'.

  • A passionate teacher, she taught for two years at a fashion school in Lausanne, where her professionalism and charisma made her much appreciated by her pupils.

  • Convinced of the potential existing within the profession, she decided to realise her dream by opening her own school.

Geneviève Mayor

  • Studied fashion design at the "Fleury-Delaporte" courses in Paris, where she obtained the "Création & Style"certificate as well as the final diploma in 1985.
  • She followed with a linen room training course in Paris, joined then a clothes industry in Carrouge (Geneva) and, during one year, she was an illustrator in Lausanne.

  • Since 1988, she works as a freelance fashion designer in several textile industries in the area of Lausanne. At the same time, she designs and realizes costumes for several theatrical troops (http://auxcostumes.levillage.org/).

  • As she loves sharing her passions, she conducted workshops for teenagers before joining Center Laura L in september 2003.

Léonard Berney

  • After having been involved in the world of the spectacle, Léonard Berney studied at the 'Ecole de Couture de Lausanne' and obtained his CFC as well as his technical professional maturity in dressmaking.

  • Strongly wishing to work in the theatre world, he studied in Lyon at the ENSATT school (previously called Rue Blanche in Paris) and specialized in fabric cut as well as in the knowledge of historical costumes

  • After the end of his studies, he works as a fashion designer and independent realizer in the world of the spectacle.

  • He joins Center Laura L in september 2003.

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