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Presentation of Laura L

Centre Laura L opened on 1st July 2000 with an enthusiastic 25-year-old Laura Leopizzi Romano at the helm.

During Laura L first year of existence, 2 students attended the professional training, and more than 30 students took part in the free courses.

Since then, the number of people interested in Laura L training did not cease increasing with the passing of years, reaching more than 30 students, divided over the different courses, in September 2006.

Today Laura L is a member of the Lake Geneva Swiss Private Schools Association (AVDEP) as well as of the Swiss Federation of Private Schools (FSEP). Therefore, each young fashion designers who obtains his/her Centre Laura L Diploma is ensured to start a professional career with a theoretical, technical and practical luggage of recognized quality.

As a proof, some of them already started to appear in the Press...


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